Maine Cardiovascular Health Program


Community-Clinical Linkages

Community-Clinical Linkages are connections between community and clinical sectors to improve Disease Prevention.

Why Are They Important?

  • Help ensure that people with or at high risk for chronic disease have access to community resources and support to prevent, delay, or manage these conditions
  • Include interventions such as clinician referral, community delivery, and third-party payment for effective programs
  • Increase the likelihood that people with chronic disease such as heart disease are able to follow the doctor's orders and take charge of their health
  • Examples of this include community pharmacist interventions and chronic disease self-management


The Maine Cardiovascular Health Program has created an inventory of materials available for you to view, print and order online.  Our program has created the majority of materials but we also offer some resources developed by other state or national organizations.

The rack cards below can be ordered from our Online materials ordering system: