Maine Cardiovascular Health Program

Goal & Priorities

PAC Grant

The Prevention and Control (PAC-1305) Grant is a federally funded, five year grant (June 2013- June 2018) that has been awarded to Maine CDC to prevent and reduce risk factors associated with childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke as well as address how these chronic diseases are managed. Grant interventions address the U.S. CDC’s Domains (4 priority areas- see below for explanation).

Maine CDC programs that are involved in this grant include Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes Prevention and Control, Nutrition and Physical Activity, and School Health. Each program area supports the long-term outcome of the grant to improve prevention and control of:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight and obesity

What work is being done around Heart Disease and Stroke?

  • Promote reporting of blood pressure measures into electronic health record (EHR)
  • Promote awareness of high blood pressure among patients
  • Promote self-monitoring of blood pressure
  • Promote medication adherence for adults with high blood pressure
  • Increase implementation of quality improvement processes
  • Increase use of team-based care
  • Increase use of health-care extenders in support of high blood pressure self-management

What are the U.S. CDC’s 4 Domains?

Epidemiology and Surveillance

  • Tracks chronic diseases and their risk factors

Environmental Approaches that Promote Health

  • Changes policies and physical surroundings to make the healthy choice the easy choice

Health Care System Interventions

  • Allows doctors to diagnose chronic diseases earlier and manage them better

Community Programs Linked to Clinical Services

  • Helps patients prevent and manage their chronic diseases, with help from their doctor